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April 19, 2016

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Little Lotus products use a proprietary fabric which helps balance your baby’s skin temperature. 

Fewer temperature fluctuations mean a more comfortable baby and a more well rested parent.

Bloomberg <3 Little Lotus

We're excited to share that Bloomberg Businessweek just gave Little Lotus a thumbs up in their most recent issue! Here's a peek at what's in the article: 

Casey Little LotusThe Little Lotus Mom
"We had been using swaddles and had just switched over to sleep sacks, and that transition was really hard...I was skeptical. I put the Little Lotus sleeping bag on her, and I kid you not, she took a three-hour nap. She had been taking 30 to 60-minute naps.

I gave a Little Lotus to my cousin at her baby shower, and I told her the story of how [with the Little Lotus 1:1 model], Embrace incubators are literally saving the lives of babies around the world. All of these moms and grandmas and aunts and uncles were so touched. It’s an amazing way to connect with other moms around the world."


 leeda little lotus
The Doctor getting Embrace warmers to Afghanistan
"My husband, who’s also a physician, and I looked at the [Embrace] technology...and we thought, this is very appropriate for hospitals in Afghanistan, which is notorious for poor grid’re not going to be able to use a lot of medical technologies out there. 

Through our nonprofit, we’ve deployed upwards of 75 to 80 of the warmers, which have been used more than 10,000 times."


Check out the full Bloomberg article here.