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May 17, 2017

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Little Lotus products use a proprietary fabric which helps balance your baby’s skin temperature. 

Fewer temperature fluctuations mean a more comfortable baby and a more well rested parent.

Keep that Summer Get-Away Feeling like a “Vacation”

Travel with Little Lotus swaddle

Memorial Day is next week, and with warmth in the air and sunshine filling our days, we can feel the excitement for the summer ahead!

It’s a time for new adventures… and perhaps these include an upcoming weekend trip with your little one. It may seem daunting to head someplace new with your baby, especially when a good night’s sleep in a new place could be in jeopardy.

So, to help make summertime travel a little easier, we asked for some pointers from Brooke Nalle of Sleepy on Hudson, one of New York’s finest sleep trainers (and trusted partner of ours). As a mom of three, Brooke knows first-hand the challenges that new environments can pose for baby’s sleep. She suggests the following 5 things that will help keep that upcoming summer get-away feeling like a “vacation.”

  1. Plan ahead!

Plan your trips around nap times.  You can also drive at night.  If sleeping in the car is a disaster no matter what you do, then drive in the morning so you can have the afternoon to get back on track and settled before bedtime.

  1. Pack like a crazy lady 

Bring whatever gear your baby or toddler might use at home (within reason), bring his white noise machine, any lovies, special pajamas, etc. Put all of the sleep stuff in your bag so the crib sheet and pajamas smell like you.

  1. Let’s talk temperature

This is one of the toughest travel environment hurdles out there.  Some hotel rooms are freezing and impossible to regulate, and on the flip side, some sea side resorts can get quite muggy for you and your baby. How do you keep your baby at just the right temperature so he can sleep well, even better?  Our friends at Little Lotus Baby solved this problem.  Using NASA inspired technology designed for astronauts, they created the perfect swaddle and sleep sack to keep your baby warm when he needs it and cools him should the room heat up.

  1. You can always “reset the buttons”

If your child is refusing, really refusing to nap with you, i.e. screeching in the pack and play while you deal with the awkward silence from your relatives or freaked out fellow guests, take him out, change his diaper, feed him, calm him down, reset his buttons, and try again about 45 minutes later.  This time sit quietly in the room where he can see you and shush/sing quietly, reassuringly.

  1. Don’t stress!
If you end up breaking all of the rules, you can get it back when you get home.  Just be super consistent and focused as soon as you get back.