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Does your baby wake up multiple times a night for no apparent reason? Are you exhausted because your baby can't sleep? 

To help build awareness for the importance of sleep, we’re launching our Bad Sleepers Contest. 

Tell us what makes your baby a bad sleeper for a chance to win one of 10 Little Lotus products. Little Lotus uses NASA-inspired technology to help your little one sleep better.  It helps to keep them at the perfect temperature, so they don't wake up from being too cold or from overheating. 

Contest runs through World Sleep Day and ends March 24, 2017 so enter now below!

Little Lotus Bad Sleepers of America Contest

Little Lotus Gifts

Little Lotus products are made with a NASA inspired fabric that keeps babies at the ideal temperature. It draws away excess heat when babies get too warm, and releases it as they start to cool down. Fewer temperature fluctuations allow your baby to stay more comfortable, helping them rest better.

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