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Little Lotus NASA Inspired Fabric

Keeping babies at the optimal temperature can be challenging for parents. Little Lotus products use a NASA inspired fabric which draws excess heat when babies get too warm, and releases it when they cool down. Fewer temperature fluctuations enable your baby to rest better.

“We've experienced increased hours of rest.. I can't thank Little Lotus enough for this - this mama loves her sleep!"
- Jessica, Little Lotus Swaddle
We love Little Lotus for many reasons but primarily because Claire sleeps better in it than the others we’ve tried. She now rarely wakes up and is already sleeping eight to nine hours straight almost every night"
- Christine, Little Lotus Sleeping Bag (3-6 Months)

Unique Design

1:1 model - saving babies around the world

With every Little Lotus purchase, a baby will be saved by the award-winning Embrace Infant Warmer, a low cost baby incubator we designed eight years ago, which has helped over 200,000 babies around the world. With your help, we hope to reach 1,000,000 babies.

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