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"Little Lotus helps to regulate a baby’s temperature, which is something that can disturb sleep"
Dr Harvey Karp, author of Happiest Baby on the Block

“I am on my third baby and this swaddle is the best! I love that the fabric is breathable, yet keeps my son warm. It also maintains its shape and does not bunch up or stretch”

“When he is in his Little Lotus swaddle he stays asleep the entire night! Which means both baby and mommy get a good night's rest”

“I'm a believer! It really seems to control her temperature super well. We've experienced increased hours of rest since putting Little Hailey in it”

“Knowing the fabric will help keep her at the right temperature while I'm sleeping gives me great peace of mind”

“It feels good knowing that by supporting Little Lotus, I am supporting their mission to save babies in developing countries”

“In her Little Lotus, she now rarely wakes up at night and is already sleeping eight to nine hours straight almost every night”

“My little one loves her Little Lotus Sleep Sac! Gorgeous print, so well made and so easy to use. She settles down as soon as I wrap her in it and sleeps so peacefully. Happiness for baby and mommy!”
Diana & Baby Esme

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