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Mother and baby with Little Lotus Sleeping BagI never thought as a pediatrician that I would be so concerned about my baby while she was sleeping. But quickly I learned, just like every other mom, that among many things I wanted to make sure her temperature was just right, not too warm and not too cold. Despite being well dressed with many other swaddles and sleep sacks, her little hands and feet are frozen in the morning. When she wears the little lotus, however, her whole body feels perfect to the touch. The fabric is made of the highest quality and is the gentlest material. It allows easy access for middle of the night diaper changes with a zipper closure along the bottom. The best feature for my sleepy daughter at bedtime is that it is easy on/ easy off. There is no need to pull anything over her head, just a few snaps and a zip. Beyond its utility for my own baby, this product provides me with a connection to countless other mothers throughout the world who are worried about their own babies' warmth at a far more fragile time in their child's life. For this reason in particular, I love and recommend the Little Lotus and its mission.



Family who uses Little Lotus swaddles and sleeping bags

Now that I've had my third child in four-and-a-half years, I'm feeling pretty confident in my baby gear knowledge: which jogging stroller is the best, which brand of onesie is softest, and which sleep sack will  keep my baby the warmest. When I tried the Little Lotus sleeping bag I felt like I had discovered a natural winner. 

Unlike sleep sacks I have used in the past, it is clearly designed with the practical needs of a parent and baby in mind. My son often falls asleep while nursing and unless I remember to put him into his sleep sack before I feed him (when he's also wailing with hunger), it takes some serious ninja moves to slide his arms through the holes of our usual sleep sack, and zip up the front without waking him. The Little Lotus is different. When unzipped and opened, I can just lay my son on top of the product and quietly zip him into it without any stealthy maneuvers. Trust me, this is a huge advantage. 

My son had taken some great naps in the Little Lotus and I can only assume that it's because his little feet are always warm. When you touch the fabric of the Little Lotus you can feel the difference: it's soft but substantial and unlikely to unravel after many washes.

With so many friends welcoming new babies these days, I'm thrilled to have a "go-to" shower gift that is both effective and has a conscience: ensuring quality sleep for their babies and life-saving warmth for premature babies that are half a world away. - Sarah Baker.



Family and baby in Little Lotus Swaddle

This swaddle is meticulously designed, they have thought of everything! First of all, baby is always comfy at the right temperature, never hot or cold. The wings are the easiest design for swaddling, I can get her arms out for breastfeeding and get them back in for sleeping without waking her. The shoulder closures are brilliant for when baby falls asleep outside the swaddle and you need to sneak it back on. The zipper at the bottom is great for diaper changes, she's not too exposed and cold as she would be with a vertical zipper running from neck to feet.

The fabric is soft and the Velcro is quiet. When the name of the game is don't wake a sleepy baby, no other swaddle works as well as this one. That each one contributes to an infant warmer for a preemie somewhere else in the world is an incredible, heartwarming bonus.



As a pediatrician and mom of three boys I have tried every swaddle and sleep sack on the market. The little lotus swaddle is unique with its high tech fabric that uses a baby's own body heat to help maintain an optimal temperature and ensure a good nights sleep. I love knowing that while my baby is sleeping warm and snug, Little Lotus is helping keep other babies warm and safe in developing countries around the world.