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Our 1:1 Model

With your purchase of a Little Lotus product, a baby will be helped by the Embrace Infant Warmer with our 1:1 model.

Little Lotus was founded by Embrace Innovations with a lofty goal: create well-designed baby products and in the process, give 1,000,000 premature and underweight babies in the developing world a better chance at life.

The award-winning Embrace Infant Warmer was created to help premature and underweight babies in the developing world. The product doesn’t require constant electricity and is portable, reusable and a fraction of the cost of traditional incubators. Over 200,000 babies have already been helped around the world. We hope to reach 1,000,000 babies with the help of the Little Lotus 1:1 model.

Little Lotus uses similar technology as the Embrace infant warmers to ensure babies sleep at the perfect temperature. Perfect for your baby or as a gift!