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Keeping babies at the optimal temperature can be challenging, as you don't want your baby to be too cold nor to overheat. That's why we designed Little Lotus products, with a special fabric first used in NASA spacesuits. It keeps babies at the ideal temperature by drawing away excess heat when they get too warm, and releasing it when they start to cool down. Fewer temperature fluctuations means better sleep for your baby. 

"We got our Lotus Swaddle at 6 weeks and instantly regretted not having had it from the start. Our baby went from waking up every 2 hours to sleeping for 3-4 hours at a time. Think of all the sleep we missed out on!" - Mike H. 

We recently conducted a study which showed 80% of babies slept almost one hour longer per night with Little Lotus vs competitor products. Because of the technology in our fabric, 91% of moms were less worried about their babies' temperature.

"One of the great things about Little Lotus is that she's always the right temperature. No need to be wearing extra layers, double swaddling or getting special 'winter' swaddles. We take our baby out of her Lotus every morning and she's at the perfect temperature." - Angela H. 

We've meticulously designed our product with comfort and ease of use in mind. From the double zipper for diaper access, to the removable shoulder straps for easy on/off, and securely fastened velcro wings that your little one won't wriggle out of.

"We tried everything....Halo's, swaddle cloths - our son is an escape artist and he wakes himself up with his arms. Not with Little Lotus! He now sleeps comfortably wrapped up for hours on end." - Rachel S. 

Little Lotus was founded by Embrace Innovations with a lofty goal: create technologically innovative baby products and in the process, give vulnerable babies in the developing world a better chance at life. Our 1:1 promise is that for every Little Lotus purchase, we will help save a baby in the developing world with the Embrace Infant incubator, a product we created nearly 10 years ago which has already helped over 200,000 babies around the world. Find out more here.

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