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Over 150,000 babies have already been helped by the Embrace infant warmer across 10 countries.

We want this number to reach 1,000,000  babies.

When infants are born prematurely or underweight, they lack the ability regulate their own temperature. Room temperature can feel freezing cold.

In the developed world, these babies are typically placed in an incubator. But in developing countries, incubators often aren’t available. 

The award-winning Embrace Warmer is designed for vulnerable infants in these situations. It costs a fraction of the price of a standard incubator, doesn’t require constant electricity, and is portable and reusable.

For every Little Lotus product purchased, $25 will go towards Embrace Innovations' nonprofit (501c3) partners in order to help a baby in need, including the Millennium PromiseNuru International and One Heart Worldwide. That allows one baby to be helped by the Embrace infant warmer in a developing country.