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Our fabric keeps your baby at an ideal temperature

Little Lotus products feature Outlast® technology first developed for NASA spacesuits. The special fabric draws away excess heat when babies get too warm, and releases it when they start to cool down, keeping them at the ideal temperature. Fewer temperature fluctuations means better sleep.

Good Night's Sleep
Mom Approved Results
Better Sleep
Perfect Tempature

"I'm a believer!

It really seems to control her temperature super well. We've experience increased hours of rest since putting Little Hailey in it."

Jessica D.

Mother of Hailey, 7 Months

"Our Go-to Garment for Sleep

It's like having a little bubble of balmy 72-degree weather wrapped around our baby when she sleeps! [...] And the great work that Little Lotus does with children in need just really completes the package."

Kevin & Becca H.

Parents of April Riley H., 2 Months


Swaddle Technology

Smart Design Details

  1. Security feature guarantees the zipper won't unzip.
  2. Adjustable shoulder straps help create a snug fit.
  3. Soft premium fabric on the outside is 100% cotton.
  4. Zipper design allows front panel to fully open for ease of access.
  5. Second zipper gives you easy diaper access - without disturbing the wings.
  6. Proprietary fabric on the inside manages your baby's temperature.