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April 19, 2016

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Little Lotus products use a proprietary fabric which helps balance your baby’s skin temperature. 

Fewer temperature fluctuations mean a more comfortable baby and a more well rested parent.

The Results Of Our Sleep Study Are In!

Sleeping baby in Little Lotus Swaddle

We're excited to share the results of a sleep study we just conducted! Here's a snapshot: 

  • 8 out of 11 babies slept more when using Little Lotus Baby vs other products 
  • Babies slept 4 hours longer on average when using Little Lotus Baby

Sleep is crucial to a baby’s brain development. Studies have shown that babies with more sleep had better cognitive development. And, growth hormones are released during sleep to help your baby grow big and strong.

Little Lotus Baby products help your baby sleep better, by using a special technology to keep them at the perfect temperature. Our super soft fabric absorbs your baby’s body heat when they are too hot, and resupplies it when they are cold. Fewer temperature fluctuations allow for better sleep.

Super cool technology, but we know many of you are thinking: Does it actually work?”

We put our products to the test with 11 babies under the age of 1. For this informal study, over the course of 5 days, moms were asked to record every sleep cycle using their existing swaddles or sleep blankets. The babies then switched to the Little Lotus swaddle or sleeping bag for 5 days.

And the results?  Here’s what we found:

  • 8 out of 11 babies slept more while using Little Lotus Baby products
  • These 8 babies slept 4 hours longer on average
  • 9 out of 11 moms were less worried about their baby being too cold with Little Lotus Baby products

We hope Little Lotus Baby brings peace of mind and extra rest to tired parents, both through our technology...and through knowing that every purchase helps to save a baby in a developing country. Happy sleeping!

Jane Chen
CEO and Co-founder
Little Lotus Baby